scheduled and charter flights to domke lake

Chelan Seaplanes offers flights to and from Domke Lake Resort. Domke Lake Resort is accessible conveniently by seaplane from downtown Chelan. The spectacular flight is about 20 minutes. Enjoy the aerial views of Lake Chelan enroute to your camping adventure.
Spend your time being at Domke Lake, not getting there. This pristine wilderness lake located in the North Cascades National Park is easily accessible by seaplane. And our rugged Dehavilland Beaver has the capacity to bring an average of four passengers and a respectable load of gear for your camping vacation.

Our aircraft can safely accommodate up to 1200 lbs of passengers, gear, and provisions for your stay into Domke and 1000 lbs out.

The charter flight for groups is the best way to go. This allows you to bring up sizable amount of provisions for your stay. For those traveling to Domke with two or less in a party, our scheduled flights to and from Stehekin are available as a flag stop along the way. We limit our operations in and out of Domke Lake to our morning scheduled flights that go to and from Stehekin.

Due to the fires of 2015, flights to and from Domke Lake are suspended until further notice. Please call if you have any questions.

Available mid May through late September

Charter – $680.99 ONE WAY – or $170 per person
(maximum 4 adults + gear or 1200 lbs total)


Scheduled Flight – $170.99 ONE WAY per person
(maximum baggage limit 50 lbs each)  Flights depart Chelan to Domke Lake at 8:30am.  Flights depart Domke Lake to Chelan at 10:30am.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

*Hazardous Materials are prohibited – NO propane, white gas, gasoline, or motor oil.
**If loads exceed the above limitations, additional charter flights may be required and additional fees will apply.

Call today for reservations and more information. 509-682-5555