Fly and Boat to and from Stehekin

Chelan Seaplanes and the Lady of the Lake both offer great options for getting to and from Stehekin. Experience both! It is a great way to see the lake and gives you a great perspective from the water and from a bird’s eye view. You can fly or boat in either direction, ideally in what would fit your schedule.

Fly up/Boat back

For day trips to Stehekin, many find it ideal to fly up on our morning flight and take the Lady Express or Lady of the Lake Chelan II back to Chelan. Both options allow 3 to 5 hours in Stehekin. If you are staying in Stehekin and want to be there early and return later in the day, this option might be best for you.

Boat up/Fly back

Also a day trip option, you can boat up to Stehekin and arrive at 11am  on the Lady Express or 1pm on the Lady II and fly back on our late afternoon flight. Both options allow from 3.5 to 5.5 hours in Stehekin. If you do not need to be in Stehekin and would like to be back in Chelan earlier, this option might be best for you.

What option should I choose?

To determine which way to and fly and boat or boat and fly, (click here for Lady of the Lake’s schedule) which opens in a different window and you can compare it to our schedule below.  Click the arrow below the “English” drop box to scroll to a different month.

We advise you contact the Lake Chelan Boat Company at 509 682-4584 to confirm availability for your boat reservation and simply book your flight with us online. You are more than welcome to call 509 682-5555 to make your reservations too.