Stehekin Fly Fishing – Fly In

Chelan Seaplanes offers easy access to one of the best and most pristine rivers in Washington State to fly fish. Not only do we provide the fastest connection to Stehekin, we connect with a Stehekin native, John Wilsey, the owner and one and only guide for Stehekin Fly Fishing Adventures. Why rub elbows on the Yakima River with all of the drive in traffic. The Stehekin River is the only river in the state that is easily accessible by a 25 minute flight.

We offer the perfect connection to Stehekin that allows you to get the most fishing in on any given day. Whether you plan an all day fishing adventure to return to Chelan or stay in Stehekin . Call today to reserve a fly-in fly fishing adventure.

Fly fishing in the Stehekin River with John Wilsey

  • Rainbow and Cutthroat trout

Lake Chelan

  • Rainbow trout
  • Mackinaw
  • Cutthroat trout
  • Kokanee (Salmon)
  • Chinook Salmon
  • Fresh Water Lingcod

Coon Lake

  • Brook trout

Small Creeks

  • Rainbow and Cutthroat trout

Stehekin Fishing Adventures will treat you to one of the best fly fishing rivers in the state of Washington on the beautiful Stehekin River.  John Wilsey, owner, will treat you to some of his top producing fishing spots along with his vast knowledge of the river as a lifetime resident.  Stehekin fly fishing is one of the best rivers in the Pacific Northwest and one of the most remote, yet easily accessible with Chelan Seaplanes.  Day trips and overnights are available.

Reserve your guide fishing with Stehekin Fishing Adventures and then book your Chelan/Stehekin flights via the booking above.

More information at Stehekin Fishing Adventures website.