Stehekin Valley Ranch Chelan SeaplanesStehekin Valley Ranch Dinner

How does a scenic flight to Stehekin with a world class guest ranch dinner sound? Sounds great and it is even better! The Stehekin Valley Ranch offers a daily menu of truly fantastic ranch style meals and Saturday is Prime Rib night. Your pilot will take you on a full narrated flight 50 miles uplake to Stehekin. The job isn’t over for your pilot yet. He will be you chauffeur to the Ranch on your 20 minute van ride up the Stehekin Valley. The Courtney’s will treat you to the famous Ranch Style dinner.  After dinner and dessert, your pilot will take you back to your flying chariot.  You will enjoy sunset views on your return flight.

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The charter is $795.99 for the round trip (not including dinner), the shuttle van ride to and from the Ranch, and includes up to two hours layover. Ideal for group sizes of four to six passengers!

Available the 2nd week of June through mid September

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